Author: Ralf

A lot happened since my last post …

A lot happened since my last post … … we traveled back from California to Germany. For the next 2 1/2 month we will work from here. Luckily we will fly back to California January 1st. But before we are coming back to California we are happy to visit our parents and friends as we […]

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Fall starts “officially” these days for the northern hemisphere. But it looks and feels different where you are. The picture shows leaves from Germany’s Fall last year. (I like a lot the color.) Today we are still in California and it doesn’t feel like Fall. The sun is shining. The temperature about 78 F (36 […]

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Nina Attends Dr. Joe’s Advanced Workshop

Nina is attending her 4th advanced workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza. The Advanced Workshop is an inward journey and participants will be instructed in meditation to enhance perceptual constructs of life and the self. The concept of coherence, the blessing of energy centers, the union of energy polarities, healing, and group healings will also be broadened […]

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At The Mission Of San Juan Capistrano, CA

When Nina was in Phoenix, I took the opportunity to visit the Mission in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The Misson is a great place to take pictures, especially macros of flowers. Besides all the other flowers they have a great variety of roses and water lilies. The image of this blog post shows a macro […]

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Again In Phoenix

Nina is traveling again to Phoenix, AZ. As you can see: She is in a recording studio. We are in our product development process and you can be curious about what we are planning to offer you by end of September. We did the first part back in August and we will finish that in September. […]

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Solar Eclipse

Watching the solar eclipse from Southern California. From here we could only see the partial solar eclipse (62%). Our team in Washington had more luck as they could see nearly the whole solar eclipse. But it was a great experience. We were so impressed that we decided to have a Catch of the Day series about “Going […]

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