Author: Ralf

Honoring the waves of life

Life is expansion and contraction. Creating and pruning. Beginnings and closures. StarDiving and InsideGazing. Being a defined me and being all one with everything and anything.   Is there ever stillness? I used to get confused by my inner waves, opposites, ever-changing nature, rhythms and contradictions – actually, it still happens quite often. Is there […]

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The Power of Listening

In listening, there lies giving and receiving.   When I listen, I give my presence, my undivided attention, with as little filtering or judging as possible. I hold the space for you to experience and express your thoughts, emotions, dreams, visions and fears. I love and appreciate you for your trust in me, and for sharing […]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas From All of Us at MindGourmet! We at MindGourmet are looking back on a very exciting year. In August we launched our site and now, four months later, we can say: “Yes, it’s so worth it! We so love it, and we are so passionate about spreading the word of inspiration and offering […]

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Nina was in Natalie Ledwell’s Inspiration show

Natalie interviews personal development gurus and inspiring people from all over the globe on her super popular online show! And Nina was in. Congrats 🙂   Take a look to the full interview to see and hear what Nina is telling us about her “project” MindGourmet.

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New Freebies available

I created new Freebies out of our actual Catch of the Day series. Take a look to our Freebie Section and enjoy them.

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Halftime and Thanksgiving

Halftime: Nina and I are having half-time: We are now about 6 weeks in Germany and in about 6 weeks we’re flying back to California. Hopefully, the next Winter in California is not as cold as the last one. Do you know this about Thanksgiving? (I found it on Wikipedia) Thanksgiving Day is a national […]

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