Author: Nina

Introspection Time: The Bigger Picture Lives Inside

For me, introspection time is super-important. It keeps me grounded, focused and connected to my inner guidance. The last weeks have been very “outro-spective” for me. I worked a lot, chased my to-do lists and often felt I didn’t have the time or the will to be still. I had prioritized trying to cut trees […]

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Let Me Happitize You!

It must have been a year or so that I’ve been dreaming about creating my Happitizers, little inspirational nuggets to taste and enjoy on the fly. I’m really good at having ideas, but acting on them and bringing them into reality often creates resistance in me, which then results in a lot of procrastination. Why? […]

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Green Screen and Teleprompter

I’ve always been full of respect for film studios, green screens, teleprompters, production and post-production – and especially for what it takes to perform professionally in front of a film camera. It’s a world that both intimidated and fascinated me. Last Thursday, I had the possibility to spend a day in a production studio in […]

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The Power of Mastermind Groups

Once a month I meet with my mastermind group. We’re five entrepreneurs from three different countries living in four different time zones. In the 90 minutes that we share with each other via zoom call we talk about our successes, questions and passions. We hold each other accountable and we help each other. But, most […]

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An evening with Courtney Carver

Recently I wrote an article about Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver. When I did my research about her newly released book I saw that she’s currently on her book tour and coming to San Diego. So, last Monday, I was part of her audience and very much enjoyed to be taken on a journey through […]

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The Power of Eight

Last Saturday I drove up to L.A. to experience one day of the Conscious Life Expo, and I attended Lynne McTaggart’s workshop “The Power of Eight Group Intention and the Power to Heal.” I had loved reading her book and listening to her audiobook “The Power of Eight,”and now very much enjoyed her lecture in […]

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