Author: Nina

Finding the answers within

For as long as I am able to recall memories I’ve had this feeling that there’s something painfully wrong with me. Because I was a very introverted, shy and anxious child my parents took me to many (at least it felt like many) people who were potentially able to provide help: healers, mediums, kinesiologists, naturopaths… […]

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My High-Vibe Choice List

When we follow our passions and highest excitement life flows with ease and grace. When we’re out of alignment with ourselves though, getting through the day can be quite a struggle! One thing I often see in myself is that when I’m in a  low energy state, I either don’t remember the tools I have to lighten […]

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The Power of True Connection

I don’t feel drawn to put myself in boxes but sometimes they help to describe how I perceive myself – as a very introverted introvert. I’m not shy though, I just love deep 1-2-1 conversations instead of parties and need quite a bit of time with myself alone to manage my energy levels. The last […]

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Who am I, Really? Stillness, deep conversations, and daring to see.

Last Friday, concluding a week full of tension, concerns and worry, I sat with the red moon. I felt exhausted, disconnected, and fearful. Everything was still. In me though, there was no stillness at all. So many thoughts were going through my mind and most of them weren’t very kind. I was so yearning for that inner […]

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Embodying My Future Self – A Week in Berlin with Dr. Joe Dispenza

1.200 people spending a week together; meditating, overcoming their limited selves, and embodying their vision for the future I just came home from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s weeklong retreat in Berlin, and am still buzzing with the energy of transformation, wholeness, connectedness, and love. Was it seven days of uninterrupted bliss? Decidedly not. Coming up against […]

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How I’m Learning to Let Go of Worry and Create the Life I Desire (and how you can, too)

State-Dependent Memory and Creating My Own Reality When I describe myself I often mention that my mind is my best and toughest friend. I love to be inspired, to assimilate new knowledge, to connect the dots – I am thriving when my inner universe expands! I am fascinated with life, how it works and how […]

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