Author: Nina

Dream. Rest. Restore.

I know, sometimes it almost feels outrageous, often inappropriate and often impossible: How can we allow ourselves to dream, rest and restore when life is so demanding? Aren’t these kind of things for the rare moments of a slow weekend or a vacation? I used to postpone and postpone my needs for rest, listening within, […]

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I am here (or so I thought!)

A few days ago, I was sitting on my yoga mat, ready to melt into a restorative yoga class. As an opening, our teacher Kimi guided us through a little meditation. While doing so, she kept repeating the little sentence “I am here.” Of course I’m here, I thought – until it dawned on me […]

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Sometimes when gratitude feels unreachable…

I don’t know how it’s for you – I sometimes get quite triggered when I’m supposed to feel or be a certain way. Thanksgiving is a lot about gratitude and while we all know we have so much to be grateful for, are you always able to feel it and express it on these special […]

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Finding the answers within

For as long as I am able to recall memories I’ve had this feeling that there’s something painfully wrong with me. Because I was a very introverted, shy and anxious child my parents took me to many (at least it felt like many) people who were potentially able to provide help: healers, mediums, kinesiologists, naturopaths… […]

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My High-Vibe Choice List

When we follow our passions and highest excitement life flows with ease and grace. When we’re out of alignment with ourselves though, getting through the day can be quite a struggle! One thing I often see in myself is that when I’m in a  low energy state, I either don’t remember the tools I have to lighten […]

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The Power of True Connection

I don’t feel drawn to put myself in boxes but sometimes they help to describe how I perceive myself – as a very introverted introvert. I’m not shy though, I just love deep 1-2-1 conversations instead of parties and need quite a bit of time with myself alone to manage my energy levels. The last […]

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