About Us


Who I Am

Hi, I’m Nina, and I’m passionate about what it means to “know thyself.”

I remember the first time I noticed that my mind worked a little differently than my peers. It was in elementary school, where the difference between shy introverts and outgoing extroverts is often very stark.

Even then, as shy introverts often do, I turned inward.

But I didn’t turn inward from fear of being different. Instead, I truly wondered and marveled about our differences, and wanted to know more about my own mind and the minds of others.

I quickly learned that my mind is my best and toughest friend, and I’m grateful for every joy, heartache and challenge I experience as I navigate my life and seek to understand myself better.

Fast forward to the present, where I still believe my mind is my best and toughest friend.

I’ve realized the more I intentionally seek to know and understand myself, the better I can connect with myself and others.


What We Do

Which is why I, along with my husband Ralf, began MindGourmet in August, 2017.

Quite simply, MindGourmet is the outward expression of my inward journey.

I share the ideas, people and information that inspire me and that I hope inspires each one of you.

(For example, I’m excited about this amazing course and was blown away by this interview.)



Who You Are

You are what I call an “intentional seeker.”

You might be at the start of your journey to know and understand yourself better, or you might be an old pro.

No matter where you are on your path, you are purposeful about feeding yourself from a buffet of inspirational reading, the work of transformational leaders, and time spent journaling, meditating, taking courses and more.

You know the path isn’t always easy.

You’ve experienced the heartache that comes from tearing down old notions of yourself and the challenge of re-building something new and beautiful.

You know the joy of deep connection with yourself and other like-minded individuals.

And you understand that every effort you make to “know thyself” is an effort focused on creating a life full of happiness and meaning.

It’s not always pretty.

It’s often quite messy and full of mistakes.

But you keep showing up and putting in the effort and that is beautiful.

So let’s keep journeying together here at MindGourmet.




PS: If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to introduce yourself and let me know more about you and your path to self-discovery. Talk soon. 🙂

PPS: I could never run MindGourmet alone, so here’s quick note from Ralf!

Hi, I’m Ralf! Nina will be the main presence you see and hear on MindGourmet, but I’m also here working in the background to make sure our site performs beautifully and looks great. I’m usually behind the keyboard or camera, but I’ll pop out now and again to say hello. Like right now! Hi! 🙂