Month: April 2018

How I’m Learning to Let Go of Worry and Create the Life I Desire (and how you can, too)

State-Dependent Memory and Creating My Own Reality When I describe myself I often mention that my mind is my best and toughest friend. I love to be inspired, to assimilate new knowledge, to connect the dots – I am thriving when my inner universe expands! I am fascinated with life, how it works and how […]

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24 of Our Favorite Quotes on the Power of Heart Coherence

What is Heart Coherence? The HeartMath Institute, an organization that pursues the science of interconnectivity, defines heart coherence as: “[It is] the synchronization of our physical, mental and emotional systems. It can be measured by our heart-rhythm patterns: The more balanced and smooth they are, the more in sync, or coherent we are. Stress levels […]

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What to do When You’re Stressed, Stuck or Stagnant

We’ve All Been There Before. I think we’ve all been at that point in our lives when we feel stuck, stagnant or out of answers. Maybe your job is a constant source of stress, so you dread your 40+ hours a week, feel drained when you get home and can’t see a way out. Or, […]

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